Jump Headfirst Into A Colorful New Year

This calendar is the tits! Feast your eyes on some amazing art from twelve artists that combine for Girls Unite 2019. Which month are you?

Okay, we all know the drill. “New year, new me,” yada, yada, yada… And yeah, we encourage you to wipe your slate clean – right after you wake up on January first, hungover AF, God knows where, with mystery substance in your hair, glitter in all your crevices and a brand new outlook on life!

Or just stay in and watch a movie because who cares it’s just another day. But in all seriousness, though – take the time to think on what you really want to fill your days with. What makes you happy? What gives you spark and fills your soul with the bright and glowy stuff to spread around this weird world? Wake up each morning in 2K19, cross out another day of badassery in this funny lil calendar and get your groove on the best way you know how. And remember nobody can do you better than you, boo. Which month are you?

Shoutout to the amazing artists for Girls Unite 2019 and Alia Wilhelm for being the brains behind the product. Also, 1£ of every purchase goes to the Global Fund for Women. Feast your eyes on this unique collaboration.


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