Join Us For an Evening of Hip Hop in Pumpehusets Byhave!

Calling all our Copenhagen-friends!
We’ve teamed up with Pumpehuset to enjoy a night of hip hop in the incredible surroundings in their beautiful yard on July 23rd.

Lucy Love will be playing live in Pumpehuset // Photo by Sara Jordan
Lucy Love by Sara Jordan

Creating events and experiences is at the core of what we do, and we’re stoked to finally be able to invite our community and everyone who loves great hip hop together for a night of sweet music, cold beers and good vibes in Pumpehusets Byhave on July 23rd. Find the event here.

It’s no secret that we’re pretty fond of hip hop and right now things are buzzing on the Danish scene. We’re excited to announce that the headline of the night is one of the most experienced rappers on the underground hip hop scene Lucy Love!

The Danish-English-Zambian singer, rapper and multi-talent made waves with her debut album Superbillion from 2009. After three following records and a longer break, she returned to the stage this past fall with her genre-blending fourth record HAMMERHEAD.

First teased with singles like “9 Bars”, “Signals” and “Tame Impala”, HAMMERHEAD is an album reflecting on Lucy Love’s career and musical connection. It’s about running your head against a wall, it’s about passion and creativity, it’s about new beginnings and feeling free.

Lucy Love recently teamed up with one of our favorite new rappers FVN on the dirty club track “Oyster Bay” – a self-empowering ode to your inner queen!

Get ready for some serious bangers when Lucy Love takes the mic in Byhaven!

Updated: Sosa added to the lineup

Besides from Lucy Love we’ve added one of our favorite new rappers Sosa to the lineup. We’re so hyped about the Danish rap scene at the moment and Sosa is one of the reasons why!

Since the release of her debut single “Sosa’s Drøm” back in 2020, we’ve been hyped about Sosa’s tongue-in-cheek punchlines, slick rhymes and bad ass attitude. Things are anything but slowing down in her camp and she recently performed as one of the few selected artists for Roskilde Festival’s Summer Days.

Check out the video portrait we did with Sosa back in february where the Danish/Nigerian artist reflects on the importance of representation and role models. Watch!

Jump to the Facebook event to let us and your friends know that you’re coming!

Byhaven will make sure you stay hydrated throughout the night and Hooked Seafood Kitchen will prevent you from going to bed hungry. We’ll of course be there as well, so come say hey to our incredible team and help us kick off an amazing evening of hip hop!

Girls Are Awesome x Byhaven

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