Another awesome output for International Women’s Day is right around the corner from the crew at HOUSEFRAU in collaboration with the talented young designer Raha Asadi. To mark this fab holiday tomorrow, March 8th, tons of badass women are joining the party to celebrate womanhood. The event, hosted by the Copenhagen club Ved Siden Af begins at midnight until the following morning and features a smashing line-up: Ena LindTight CherryFedtyAVIAJAAdelina, and SCHAARUP.

Hear some words from Mai Schaarup, one of the key masterminds behind this innovative event and the production as a whole.

My partner, Sue Wilkins, and I are the creators behind the party concept HOUSEFRAU, which focuses solely on women in the electronic segment of the music industry. We tour different clubs, with female lineups from both Denmark and internally as well. Our vibe is electronic with house and techno in the center.

We love what we do, and we do it to both to inspire women to enter the industry but also to remind booking agents about the incredibly talented female DJs out there.

Over the course of the last 8 years as a DJ myself, I’ve shared many fantastic experiences and gigs within the field. I have recently played in Hamburg and am currently resident DJ at Culture Box. Along with this, I also produce and plan on releasing a single in the near future. I have an appetite for House and Techno, and my sound is mainly inspired by the scene and festivals of [underground] Germany/Berlin.

And some words from collaborator and innovative designer, Raha Asadi:

I find beauty and strength in the contrasts of femininity and masculinity, and believe that it is these opposites that shape meaningful dialogues. I make womenswear with tall and strong silhouettes, and the woman I have in mind when designing exudes power and fearlessness.

Photo via RAHA ASADI

Take our advice and save your energy from the day for this epic lineup of badass women creators. The combination of all artists involved will surely bring a powerful energy. Big shoutout to the lovelies at HOUSEFRAU!