Jetta’s New EP ‘Tonic’ Will Cure Your Entire Life

We spoke with this badass British babe about being a triple threat (singing, writing, producing), her musical influences and where she gets all that spark.

Words by Kirstine Engell

Meet Jetta! Growing up in a family full of musicians, singing always came naturally to this British babe. At 16 years old, her mom gave her a laptop for her birthday and she locked herself away for the summer to teach herself to write and produce. She learned to channel emotions from her everyday life into music until she made something tangible from what started as just a hobby.

On the real, it all started for Jetta a few years back when her song “Feels Like Coming Home” was chosen as the soundtrack for Google Zeitgeist 2013, a short film based on the world’s most popular searches that year. And oh gurl, she’s been busy since. Jetta’s latest self-released EP, Tonic, includes four effortlessly catchy and emotional songs which are relatable AF.

Be prepared to get pulled into a playful and raw universe, where the writing process was almost like therapy for her. In her own words: “Medicine – a cure. That’s what a tonic means to me. It has definitely fixed me, making this record. Life doesn’t run on one straight trajectory; there’s highs, lows, love, hurt. It’s all in there…” We chatted with the gorgeous Liverpudlian chameleon about the recording process behind Tonic, how you turn your hobby into something real and of course some badass girl power.

Jetta, your next awesome adventure is to go on tour supporting the All Saints! Big congrats. How does it feel?
I know right! I was inspired listening to them as a kid because they were the girls taking a more alternative pop route – and wearing trousers! And now I’m going on tour with them. Crazy.

It’s been a while since a “commercial” breakthrough – what made you want to get back in the studio?
I’ve never left the studio! I might’ve been in my bed for a bit, but since I make all my music on my laptop, it really doesn’t matter where my studio is. However, it made a massive difference to my mental state getting an actual studio space last year, so my home could be for wind-down, chill, shut off time with the girls (I’m a sucker for trash TV).

I know some artists jump in the studio with a specific idea and some just wanna record, and let the idea come during the process. What was it like for you?
Different for each song, like for the last song on my record ‘Enemy In Me’, I woke up at about 5am with the chorus playing in my head – the bass, the piano, the words… I even have the voice note on my phone! That was crazy. I got out of bed and went straight to the studio in my PJs – anyone in Liverpool reading this will be laughing ’cause PJs and the outdoors go hand in hand, haha.

Photo by Hanna Hillier

What normally makes you get back in the studio – good vibes, a heartbreak or just life in general?
I have some really good people around me. Sometimes a good (proverbial) kick up the arse from someone you love and whose opinion you trust is a good start.

Do you have the same recording process for every album/project?
No, this time I’m fully in control and I love it. I’m making the music, writing the words and singing them too. I did pull in some help with lyrics/melody for ‘Losing Control’ from a cool chick I know called Liz Lawrence, and she’s a great artist herself. Girl power!

You reached over 100k plays in just a week with your new single FOOL – tell me about the feelings around releasing a new song?
Errrm. SO EXCITING. Honestly, my biggest obstacle before was not knowing when to stop – I could go on forever making tweaks. It’s just about getting to a place where you’re happy and knowing when to just let the song be. And people are listening! That’s so cool x

When I listen to “Fool”, I feel it really hit home for a lot of women, including myself. Especially in the “quest for love” in this day and age. Is this a personal song for you as well?
It’s personal for me, yes, and the thing that often gets me through stuff… Eventually, anyway! Knowing that I’m not alone in feeling that, I know a lot of women go through it too… it’s comforting.

Photo by Hanna Hillier

Do you have a message you want to get through your music to women around the globe?
A message to women specifically is to have the confidence to do it yourself. For me, that manifests in not only writing and singing my songs but producing them. I know there are loads of us out there – I wanna meet you, show yourselves! ‘Cause we’re awesome. 😉

Yass! What about the term “girl power” – what does it mean to you?
First thing that came to mind was Spice Girls, haha. Girls rooting for each other – to do well, feel good… growing together, learning together, laughing, crying, all the things.

What’s up next – any new projects in the magic dream machine??
I’ve just finished collabing on an interesting project with an American artist, stepping out of the artist seat and being the record producer, which was fun and something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve finished designing my merch for the tour as well, which has kinda turned more into a small fashion line. Keep an eye out on my socials. My website’s launching soon too x

We’ll stay on the lookout – thanks, love!

Photo by Hanna Hillier

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