Jess Goldsmith of @WomenOfType on Cause-Driven Art as a Bridge Builder

Jess Goldsmith is a self-taught badass who lives for a good pun, would die for a good dog, and uses colorful storytelling to create community wherever she goes. And we’ve got her story here!

Jess Goldsmith
Posters by Jess Goldsmith

Jess Goldsmith’s Instagram handle is no exaggeration: She’s definitely a chick of all trade. The self-taught creative is a cause-driven illustrator, lettering artist and graphic designer – as well as an art director with a knack for connecting people through colorful storytelling.

She’s a familiar name around the lunch table here at the Girls Are Awesome office because so many of us had tripped over her work in our Instagram travels. There’s something undeniably eye-catching about bright, bold, beautifully illustrated posts that capture a mood or a sentiment – especially with a bit of cheek! – and Jess Goldsmith’s work has that vibe.

What we hadn’t realized is that the chick (of all trade :finger guns:) we’d starred high on our list of future besties had been busy creating an entire community where female typographers and illustrators could network, get inspired and have their art amplified. Yup, we’re talking about @womenoftypewhich, psst, just turned one! – and we don’t need to tell you this set off some serious soulmate alerts here at GAA.

We didn’t want to waste any more time getting to know her, and we won’t make you wait either! Check out our mini interview – and peep her incredible work – below.

jess goldsmith
Jess Goldsmith lensed by Ren’ee Kahn Bresler

Hey Jess! Tell us a bit about yourself before we get into work stuff…

Hi everyone! Well, I’m a real-life human being who loves creating and LOVES snacking. I used to drink my coffee black until I realized it was way more important to have delicious coffee in the morning than it was to sound cool when I say “I drink it black.” I live for a good pun and will die for a good dog.

My creative process involves a lot of humor, even more coffee, and a little sprinkle of binge-watching The Office – okay, a lot of The Office. I’m also the founder of @womenoftype, an Instagram page-gone-viral-turned-website that I created to uplift and amplify the voices of female-identifying lettering and typography artists.

Love it! And can you give us a little intro into your work background? How’d you make your way here, what helps you do your thing and what keeps your passion up?

The short version is I’m a professional creative living in NYC with a love for good design, fun colors and extraordinary type. I’m self-taught in all aspects of what I do, and while it’s been a crazy ride figuring it out – I’m a hustler by nature, and wouldn’t do it any other way.

I’m a hustler by nature, and I wouldn’t do it any other way.
– Jess Goldsmith –

My favorite tool by FAR is the Apple pencil paired with the Procreate app, but of course I’ll pay homage to the holy trinity of Adobe AI, INDD and PS.

New challenges fuel my creativity; I’m currently learning 3D design in Maxon and find loads of inspiration in my love for travel, nature and humor. The humor part also works especially well for some of my lettering pieces. And I’m always looking to make genuine connections with other creatives and people who just want to talk design and art. Those relationships keep me pushing forward too.

Does your love of connecting people – and connecting with people – play into how @WomenOfType got its start?

I created the Instagram page @womenoftype in May of 2020. Finding new artists is fun, and social media is a great place to meet exciting, talented, and emerging creatives. But I also saw a hole in the larger representation of my own specific niche and demographic, which is being a woman in the typography and lettering space.

Over the course of 3 months, the page organically grew to 20k followers – and I knew I had something special. At the time of this writing, we’ve just celebrated our first birthday with a community of over 70,000! I’m so proud of the community, the amazing women I’ve met along the way, and the BIG plans for @womenoftype in upcoming months. 

The most rewarding part of running this page is the messages I get from women thanking me for posting their work that allows them to push their voices even further, and the number of people who resonate with the positive, uplifting, and sometimes difficult content that gets posted to the page.

Want to see more from Women of Type?
IG: @womenoftype |

That’s amazing! And you’re doing all this alongside your professional work as a designer, illustrator and art director? Tell us a bit about some of the projects you’ve had across your desk.

I’m really passionate about connecting brands with their audience through colorful storytelling. Sometimes that means using illustrations, like in campaigns and branding for clients such as Stella Artois, TripAdvisor, and Netflix; and sometimes that’s through letters, like in some of the pieces I’ve done for clients like Amazon, BeautyBlender and Hennessey. Here’s a sample of some of the work I’ve done:

If there’s one thing we love around here at Girls Are Awesome, it’s women who are kicking ass in their own right, and using their gifts to create opportunities for other women.

So, super unsurprisingly, we’re huge Jess Goldsmith fans…! If you want to get to know Jess a bit better, you can check out her personal Instagram @chickofalltrade (and make sure you’re following @womenoftype while you’re at it!), and get into any of these features and publications out there on the interwebs and beyond:

  • Outstanding Women Leaders Podcast Guest
  • Ladies Wine and Design Featured Host
  • 2020 featured Inkbox designer 
  • Tribe of Unicorns Podcast 
  • Wethos contributing author
  • Female Makers 2021 cohort
  • Design Hill ProTips Series 
  • Harness Magazine Artist Takeover
  • Link NYC official Artist
  • Small Shindigs editorial shoot
  • Wethos, 2021 predictions print edition

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