Jade Bird’s ‘I Get No Joy’ Will Make You Live Your Badass Dreams

British babe Jade Bird’s latest release and music video is a fiery anthem that happens to be a perfect ode to Aries season, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Homegirl Jade Bird is back at it with a release that will awaken the fire in your deepest dreams. “I Get No Joy” is one in a flurry of recent releases that all speak, yell, and croon this British indie rock gem into existence as the badass adventurer that she is. Her straight-forward yet effortlessly smooth style could be described as reminiscent of influences like Tori Amos, Patti Smith or even Joan Jett. Furthermore, in this song in particular, she slays with a vocal range that leaves every ounce of emotion flat out on the table. Get ready to belt this one out into your hairbrush.

We spoke with Jade Bird about her musical inspirations, the story behind the song and her advice for fellow women. Catch the music video below and remember not to try this part at home!

First of all, how did all this come about? Were you always drawn towards music or did it develop later in life?

I think I was definitely always drawn to music and writing or reading. That’s why songwriting is the perfect means of communication for me; two of my favourite things collided, I guess. My parents used to play music constantly. All different kinds, mainly electronic, then a family friend introduced me to blues and the 60s and since then I’ve been on this ever-changing path of my idols and new music.

Can you name a few female influences musically?

Tori Amos, this year is all about her for me, because she’s a genius and I don’t understand why it’s not more commonly known. I love Patti Smith, her 1975 poetry reading in NYC changed my entire life. SASAMI is a new artist that I LOVE right now too.

Has your music taste changed over the years?

It’s done a complete 360° a few times haha! I’m really into 90s guitar bands right now – sonic youth, garbage, breeders. I’m always searching for the next well of inspiration and right now it’s all there for me.

What about your own artistic direction? You seem to be carving your own way pretty resolutely. How would you describe your own path in music?

It’s been interesting. I started off gigging at fourteen, edited my style for noisy clubs, then at sixteen probably went through the next big change at a blues bar in Camden called Spiritual Bar. The owner, Raf, was a mentor for me and kind of gave me the voice I have now by throwing me up there on Saturday nights next to these incredibly burly guys (like the Martha Wainwright song)… Then again at eighteen, I had the next mental realignment via my music trying to find some clarity in it all – who I was, so to speak.

What about your latest release. Can you tell us the story behind “I Get No Joy”?

Ironically, the moments before I was happy. We were up recording some bits for the album, I was playing on some rocks with my guitarist and bassist (we are big kids) and then I walked down the hill into the barn (I wrote all my singles in there) and penned ‘I Get No Joy’. I feel like it was my subconscious talking. Numb was a new feeling to me in 2018, I was a little overstimulated by all the good change – which is strange, but it happens!

What about the music video? What’s the idea there?

Jamie Thraves directed it – I’ve been obsessed by the cyclical nature of the 90s classic music videos. He actually directed Radiohead’s ‘The Bends’, so I was a fan from the onset. He handed me this treatment, we edited it together and filmed it on a rainy day in LA. I wanted it to keep coming back around to nod to the mundanity ‘military march’ I mention in the song.

First of all, your range is amazing. As a singer and songwriter, what is most important to keep in mind for you when you’re writing or in the studio?

Thank you! I mean in terms of vocal tricks, I kind of go all out in the studio – warm up everyday – but I’ll be damned if I don’t give a take 100%.

What’s next for you?

Tour!! We do some record store dates in the U.K., hop on with Tom Walker, then festivals then a big headline tour for the rest of the year.

Any advice for girls or women in music, or just in general?

I guess never be scared of being scared, it’s the process of stepping on the stage or into the thing your afraid of and doing it. You do that again and again and you’re so much stronger than you realized.

Thanks, Jade!





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