Iris Gold’s ‘Keep The Light On’ Music Video Is A Vibe

We spoke with our fav Golden artist about the inspiration behind the song, music video sexiness and getting groovy this coming Spring.

Iris Gold is back at it again with another single to hit you right in the feels. This latest release is called “Keep Your Light On” and it expresses a sexy sentiment in a relatable yet alluring kind of way. And yes, the music video is equally hot.

We had a chat with Iris about a few of our most pressing questions – namely, her musical inspirations, the music video process and when she’s getting groovy next!

The song has a bit of extra attitude to it, which I love. What’s the story behind this one??
my latest single and is about breaking up with someone and meeting up with them for closure, mixed in with a bit of wine, Marvin Gaye and candles… probably best to keep the light on, strictly speaking.

What were you inspirations for this track? I feel some electro vibes in there production-wise, which introduces another layer of sexiness, in a way.
Well there’s a mix of hip hop, psychedelic guitar and a bit of brass for the lovers.

Speaking of sexy, the music video is very. How did you come up with the idea for the visual component?
I wanted to show a more vulnerable, softer side and I wanted to show what could happen if me and my ex had turned off the lights, if you know what I mean. Sexy saucy vibes and the struggle to keep it PG.

What was the writing process like for this track? Was it a quick thing or did it take a while to develop?
I actually had these verses from a while back, as they were about an ex from back in the day. I just never had the right beat to go with it. So when I met pitchshifters and heard this beat I just knew it was a match, and then with the hook it was good to go.

How was the collaboration? Did all go smoothly in the process?
It was smoother than butter, baby. We did the track within an hour or so. One take wonders – it was such a wonderful experience that these same peeps are producing a lot of the tracks on the upcoming album, actually.

What’s cooking this year? New year, new you?
So much good stuff going on. I’ll be performing on national TV here in Denmark on New Year’s Eve, which will be great as I’ve never done anything like that before. Also, my debut album will be out next year! I’ll have my first very big headline show at Vega in Copenhagen on April 4th, so I hope you all come down and support and boogie down to your socks.

Yasss, much love!


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