Interview: Listen in as Girls Are Awesome’s Very Own Søs Bondo Speaks on Making an Impact During Covid

“We believe it’s that combination of the digital and the physical that can create real transformation.”

Heartbeats | Interview | le gammeltoft

Hey, Danish friends! We wanted to make sure this episode of Le Gammeltoft‘s podcast Vendt På Hovedet found its way into your earbuds. It’s an interview with our brand director (bonus fact: she’s also one of our partners!) Søs Bondo that, in just about half an hour, somehow manages to cover everything from who we are as a community, brand and impact agency…
…To all the beautiful dreams we dreamed for 2020 before Covid came to town…
…And what we did to make it work despite the pandemic, so we could keep pushing forward on our mission to increase female representation.

“We believe there’s a need for more initiatives to accomplish our goal, which is changing representation. We can’t do that just through producing cool content of amazing role models; we can’t do that just through making events; we can’t do that just through creating partnerships; we can’t do that just through helping other organizations work with representation – But all of it together can make a difference.”
– Søs Bondo –

We’re super proud of her for helping to get the word out, and though the gems she drops are in Danish, there are tons of them! So listen in to learn more about who we are, what we’ve been up to behind the scenes during these truly unprecedented times, and what’s on our minds as we move into 2021.


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