International Women’s Day: Elevating Girls and Women Every Damn Day #IWD365

International Women’s Day is an essential spot in the calendar to pause for reflection and celebration! But let’s also remember to keep that energy all year long – a mindset we’re calling #IWD365!

international women's day

Happy International Women’s Day, y’all! Women have always been the driving force behind more freedom, more equity and more opportunity for their communities and the world – that’s just a historical fact! So today is definitely a day to celebrate how far we’ve come, and who helped get us there. But just as the work to make change is an every-damn-day job, so is uplifting, celebrating and empowering the girls and women who are out there making it happen. That’s what we do here at Girls Are Awesome! And it’s a mindset we’re calling #IWD365.

We’ve had the privilege of speaking with and learning from so many incredible women who are on the frontlines for a more gender-equal and diversely representative future, and helping get their voices out there is the coolest part of our job. Today, we’re highlighting three such badass chicks – Emily, Aviaja and Bella – who are role models and thought leaders within identity, activism and body positivity, respectively.

We put together this little celebratory video to keep the shine on these incredible women who continue to push conversations and others towards more diversity, inclusion and acceptance. You might recognize them from features we’ve done on them in the past few months:

Emily, the badass musician, activist and honesty advocate

Aviaja, the DJ and activist
with literal boots on the ground for Indigenous rights

Bella, who’s using her platform to spread body positivity
and a message of visible representation in the fashion industry

We all have a part to play in bringing about the future we want to see, so let’s remind ourselves that there’s so much we can do right where we are – in the conversations we have, in our workplaces, in our relationships, and with how we use our voices. All of it is powerful! Today’s a great moment to reflect, recharge and get inspired so we can keep fighting the good fight for gender equality. Happy International Women’s Day!

The Girls Are Awesome Crew


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