Instagram Account of the Week: neon._lights_

*flashing* *lights*

The world’s obsession with neon lights most probably stems from their familiarity. Think of your favourite club, bodega or even kebab joint and it might fill you with fuzzy feelings and images of bright shining tubes of light, bringing back memories of that one crazy night of partying.

Mysteriously showing up on street corners, almost like sirens alluring drifting shipowners, neons attract us just the same. This week, neon._lights_ is here to satisfy our cravings for those fun summer nights, bottomless cocktails and endless conversations.

Looking for the ‘Drive’ aesthetic, but don’t want to watch the movie for the hundredth time? We got you covered. Just pull up that Ryan Gosling screenshot from years ago, put on that satin jacket and dive into the black hole of neon lights.


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