Instagram Account of the Week: makeupmouse

Makeup tutorials that don't suck or require you to slosh your face with powder for like 8 hours. Happy halloween, babies!

It’s the classic situation: you’ve somehow said yes to going to a Halloween party and your friends have been texting you costume variants for about a week already and you know everyone is bringing their costume game STRONG and putting on a pair of cat ears probs won’t cut it this year. But, fear not! (Get it?) Makeup artist Heather Moorhouse, who goes by the name of @makeupmouse, has got you covered with pretty reasonable makeup tutorials whether you’re into looking cute, gross or just straight up trippy this Halloween.

Her looks vary from simple and cute to advanced and gory, so if spending hours in front of the mirror poking crayons at your face isn’t really your thing, her account can basically just serve as a source of inspiration. For, you know, next year, when you’ll actually make an effort on Halloween for once. (Just kidding, we know that probs won’t happen.)

If you want to stand out from all the Pennywises and Elevens this year, you can also opt for dressing up like an orange, ’cause why not. Or a Jack ‘O Lantern, ’cause PUMPKIN SPICE, baby!

Our fave tho? The ‘shutting-down-the-assholes’ look exemplified below. You basically just need cheap eyeliner and dollar store eyeshadow, it’s not a big deal.

Enjoy the exploration, and food for thought: who said this is limited to halloween? Nothing better than shutting down that racist uncle at Christmas than showing up with gold stuck to your face and literal baubles poking out of your eyebrows. HOT.