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Could this be the analog Twitter?

It’s pretty practical to see the world developing and digitalising many of our daily endeavours with the help of Twitter and Facebook, starting from expressing our thoughts to selling clothing. Nevertheless, some things swing a harder punch when presented on analog platforms. A badass cross-stitcher named Shannon Downey and her Instagram account @badasscrossstich deliver that one extra push to get some important messages across—whether it’s about your grandma, your hipster Tinder date or someone who needs to know what the deal is.

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I never thought I would have to do this but I'm removing Aung San Suu Kyi from my collection. I was inspired by her. Her winning of the Nobel Peace Prize and her role as leader of Myanmar. However, she now remains silent as the military conducts an ethnic cleansing/genocide. As hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims flee for their lives. Every analysis I read draws the same conclusion…she is afraid to send a message to the military that she stands in opposition to their actions for fear that it will disrupt the political stability of the country. I find it terribly ironic that this was the quote of hers that I chose years ago. She Is standing in direct opposition to her own words. For these reasons I'm removing her. —- #crossstitchpattern #crossstitch #sansuukyi #myanmar #embroidery #pattern #standup #rohingya #rohingyamuslims

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Women supporting women has always been something we’re on the look-out for and if you are too, there’s plenty of that here and more.


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