Insta Inspo: These Crazy Talented Makeup Artists Are Raising the Bar

Take a look at their unique IG feeds - each one is serving face for days in interesting ways.
via @vesperucca

Sometimes, Instagram can feel like a tug-of-war for your attention, dancing in between thirst traps, stolen memes and inhumanely tropical trips to somewhere far warmer than your own home. However, (in my humble opinion), art is almost always the answer, and luckily there is no shortage of purely original images to take the edge off as you tune in to some of the authentic expression happening in the IG world.

Feel free to grab some inspiration from these talented artists whose canvases are largely their own lovely faces. Get some goosebumps going with these three inspiring creators.

@vesperucca AKA Juliana Horner

A thousand times yes. Juliana Horner’s style is like female David Bowie if he did all of his own styling and makeup (and general publicity if you count this as her own distribution channel). Her designs, makeup or multimedia art all have incredible detail and a whimsical feel that will remind you that the little things can bring the biggest smiles. Her captions (or lack thereof) are always the icing on the cake to her dope creations. Cheers to this cheeky rebel.

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Good morning fam

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@sweetmutuals is the quintessential fresh-faced fantasy gal. Her feed is an eclectic collection of looks that all center around solely the canvas of her own beautiful face. While her art generally focuses on paint, plenty of color and different textures, she tends to also bring a 3D aspect that make her designs even more unique. Take a look.

@esantoinette AKA Antoinette Mahr

You guys. This girl serves face with the most intricate detail for days. Antoinette Mahr’s feed is a refreshing composition of color, design and truly masterful technique. Despite the fact that each look has multiple layers of depth and even emotion, her natural beauty shines through in a unique way. Here are some of our faves…

Shoutout to these beauties for elevating and owning their own beauty and inspiring the rest of us to do the same, in our own unique way! There are no rulez. Go shine.