Insta Inspo: Illustrators That’ll Make You Smile At The World

These illustrators take their unique worldview along with the quirks of being human or just random observations and roll it all up with humor, love and relatability.

art | Cartoon | comics
art | Cartoon | comics
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Take a break from your usual scroll scroll, tap tap rituals on Instagram and fill your feed with creative content from these three illustrators that’ll put things into perspective and have you thinking happy thoughts in no time at all. Their unique observations of our shared reality and the way they express it is a genuine art form and also a form of love, especially when you inevitably have a giggle and go “ugh, so true”.

So loosen up those tensed shoulders and let these gals bring you their dreamy doodles as a form of comic relief. Feel free to dive into their worldview and see what wisdom you might be able to glean, or laugh yourself clean from the daily minutia of this double-edged app.

@ninacosford AKA Nina Cosford

Nina Cosford is an English illustrator and a perfect example of how simple observations about life can be oh-so-sweet. Look at the world through her politely empirical lens and let her beautiful drawings speak to your soul. Beyond making funny little diagrams dissecting the different behavioral quirks of those around her, she has also created a series of books containing “life portraits” of different important women throughout history, like Frida Kahlo, Coco Chanel, Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf.

@venuslibido AKA Venus Libido

This UK-based artist and activist is serving up some badass societal critique disguised as primarily nude cartoons that speak to the genuine human experience. Beyond the fact that her art is a smash of bright colors and highly relatable masterpieces, her captions and underlying messages tackle topics such as mental health, unrealistic beauty standards and the importance of self-love. Be sure to follow this lighthearted yet insightful account for some unabashed human being beauty.

@sarahandersencomics AKA Sarah Andersen

Grab some giggles from this American cartoonist’s hilarious feed. Her emotions and views on life come through her little black and white illustrations with heaps of character and yet a down-to-earth sentimentality. In her classic cartoon style delivery, she releases her simplest perceptions in the most extreme ways. That fact that she uses herself as the main character in her doodles makes them come to life in an even more relatable and funny way.

@robineisenberg AKA Robin Eisenberg

This LA-based illustrator is a fond portrayer of intergalactic divas that will make you want to slay in some kind of way down here on Earth. Using highly defined lines and colorful composition, Robin Eisenberg creates a bold and beautiful cartoon universe. Her art includes heavenly bodies as well as actual stars and planets – curvy women doing their thing in another part of our solar ring. What could be better?

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Cheers to these divine ladies for bringing good vibes to all of our lives!

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