In Conversation: Lizz, DJ Cri$py C & Xuli

“Success is to make all the things you do, and be happy doing it!” – Lizz

adidas originals | chains club | CRI$PY C


If you’ve got your wits about you, you would have tuned into Lizz’s mixtape recorded live at Chains Club a couple of weeks back which had our camera guy wiggling his hips and blurring out the shots. Here we see an in depth conversation between the club’s Hamburg-based founders and the South American musician during which they uncover the many similarities they have in being strong independent entrepreneurs in a crowded space, often run and dominated by men.

The filming of this chat was put together after a day of connecting while exploring the Reeperbahn’s tacky souvenir shops, devouring delicious vegetarian burgers and taking at least 1500 selfies. Make that 2000. The connection was warm and honest, showing that regardless of coming from opposite ends of the world, these women face some of the same challenges and opportunities for success, and their main discovery being that they definitely have more in common than not.



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