Important Features From EDITION F’s Female Future Force Day

The intense and inspiring female-driven convention/festival medley is coming up in Berlin; here are several lectures you want on your radar.

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For those of you who haven’t heard, the illustrious EDITION F platform, dedicated ultimately to uplifting and empowering women in all aspects of life, started a grassroots movement called Female Future Force. The idea is to aggregate inspirational, integrative or professional-minded content geared towards forwarding the ambitions and overall success of women, from Germany to the world. Their network of strong and amiable women is constantly expanding and is directly accessible to many through the all-day event called Female Future Force Day.

This intensive production is packed with motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, creatives and artists alike, both male and female. Ranging from topics related to gender-sensitivity and feminism to family and career, the lectures are divided into categories such as “Empowerment & Personal Growth,” “Career,” “Entrepreneurship,” “Family” and “Impact.” So far, the lineup looks pretty great. If you’re located near Berlin, we strongly recommend this badass event and specifically, these five amazing women’s lectures.

1. “How to be brave” – with Rose McGowan

The day will open with a powerful speech from former actress and current activist Rose McGowan. We all remember that badass red carpet look from the early 2,000s which served as a bold statement, “a big middle finger,” reclaiming her own body in the wake of several incidences of sexual assault. Since then, she has become an author, an activist and a key proponent of the #METOO movement. She will also do a short reading and Q&A later in the day.

2. “Do we still need the pill in 2018?” – with Katrin Router

Katrin Router, the founder of the Femtech startup, trackle, will lay out a discourse on the laundry list of contraceptive measures available for women which vary in effectiveness and overall safety today. This practical yet overwhelmingly relevant discussion takes on the topic of sexual self-determination. Router will challenges the usage of hormonal treatments to prevent pregnancy and delve into the natural and personal relationship women have with their bodies.

3. “Improving the World without Forgetting Oneself” – with Kübra Gümüşay and Teresa Bücker

Kübra Gümüşay

This exciting and informative panel with the distinguished journalist and political activist Kübra Gümüşay and the Editor-in-Chief of EDITION F, Teresa Bücker will delve into the ways in which one must conserve time and energy in the midst of activism. The personal struggles that come along with being dedicated to a seemingly controversial cause can threaten to drown out the positives of powerful work. “How do you stay happy when you get back hate for your own commitment? How do you reconcile the demands of your own work with family and friends? How can you organize political engagement strategically with a progressive agenda?” These questions, and many more will be answered on Saturday.

4. “It does matter how we give birth: Women’s rights in obstetrics” – with Nora Imlau

Here’s one of the main things that makes women awesome: childbirth! According to Nora Imlau, after a woman gives birth, the seemingly innocuous sentiment post-partum is: “The main thing is, the child is healthy!” To her, this represents the problematic nature of childbirth as it is received by society and the way in which we tend to ignore the mental and physical health of the mother before, during and after the birth. This is sure to be an interesting and relevant discussion; we’ve all been birthed after all.

5. “SEXISM AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE” – with Nina Strassner and Eda Demet Özdemir

This important panel will outline the beginning and end of sexual harassment and sexism in the workplace. In the wake of the #METOO movement, it has become glaringly clear that the conversation needs to be had about the origins of this systematic phenomenon, and the discussion about how to defend yourself from such abuses in the current climate is very necessary. This masterclass is sure to lead to an informative and reflective discourse.

6. “Empowerment talks: The day that changed my life” – with Anne Kjær Riechert

From the #HeyMercedes Lounge at the conference, there will be a continuous series of talks with interesting and influential women. The discussions will revolve around a particular day or event that launched each individual’s career or could be considered a turning point in the journey to achieve their goals. The particular segment we recommend features the inspiring Danish activist, Anne Kjær Riechert. In response to the so-called refugee crisis in 2015, Riechert founded the “Redi School of Digital Integration,” which aims at helping asylum-seekers integrate by providing studies in programming and technical skills.

There you have it: our top recommendations for this year’s Future Female Force Day. Here are a few more talks which rank on our honorable mention list: “Boys club is over – How to conquer the tattoo world as a woman” with Berlin tattoo artist Simone Klimmeck, “Why Spiderman exists and why we need Hit-girl” with Gitte Sheet, and “How do I build a strong fire” with BRLO beer co-founder Katharina Kurz.


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