Impact Agency.

The go-to agency for catalysing companies and organisations towards creating compelling change for female representation through business and culture.

Girls Are Awesome delivers expertise on strategy, experiences and content, leveraging a deep understanding of our community and decades of work in culture and creative industries.

Who we work with.

A global partnership increasing role model representation, elevating women towards their goals and creating products​

A Partnership providing insights, data, tools, strategy and communication for firms to achieve DEI goals

Curating and hosting stages, talks and happenings at Northern Europe’s largest music festival​

Creating safe spaces for girls to practise physical education and sport in India​



Girls Are Awesome creates content, experiences, products and partnerships towards gender equality. Every project delivers a positive impact for the representation of girls and women.


Our Impact Agency is a full service agency, which ensures everything we do drives change, looks good, feels fabulous and leaves a positive footprint.

Strategy & Design

Content Production


Product Development

How we work.

Girls Are Awesome has three key principles that lie at the heart of all partnerships and set the minimum expectations for the process and outcome our collaborations.


These principles guide us to stay accountable to our shared goals. By creating these small, but not insignificant governance guidelines we can inspire thought and action with our partners.

Empower individuals or communities and contribute towards increased representation

Set gender balanced teams across the board from concept to production

Champion real role models & prioritise diversity​​


We partner with like-minded brands and organizations to join forces in the work of increasing female representation. Together with our partners we design holistic digital and analogue content, communication, programs and experiences that speak to our shared values and audiences. 


We license the Girls Are Awesome brand for product collaborations with partners to create products that influence consumers to think, feel and act awesome at the most exciting and ordinary moments in their life.


All partnerships are built on a shared ambition to create impact, elevate girls and women and leave a positive footprint in the world. 

We gate-keep our values, which authenticates partnerships and ensures we’re working transparently and authentically.

Together, we raise the bar, inside and out.

Keep ahead of the curve.

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Our own initiatives.

Girls Are Awesome invests in creating content, programs and experiences to continually move the needle on female representation and equity. Beyond commercial partnerships, we invest in producing a range of weird and wonderful initiatives

Talks events created to facilitate role models and their stories

Video series to elevate people’s perspectives and life’s moments

A Partnership providing insights, data, tools, strategy and communication for firms to achieve DEI goals

A 4 day ski and snowboard culture festival built to encourage more girls into winter action sports

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