Illustrator Polly Nor’s Devils and Devilishly Realistic Women

Hands down those Satanic pants, ladies!

North London illustrator Polly Nor knows her way around erotic and cultural satire. As she puts it: “I draw women and devils for women and devils.” Same thing, right?

Big themes in her work are female sexuality, relationships and emotional instability. Polly Nor creates erotic and cultural satire for all the perverted internet addicts out there, with work and titles as 21st century as they get. Her drawn universe circles around girls private bedrooms, selfies, daydreaming and sexting. By focusing on girls everyday life without the idealised versions of femininity seen in the media, or the curated photos of beauty one is usually bombarded with.


Despite the obvious devilish aspect to Norr’s art, it does bear a close resemblance to the truth. If you wish to bring joy to yourself or someone in your life by gifting them an illustration called ‘Shh bby no more tears over fuckboyz’, you can buy that and most of her other work here.


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