HUN SOLO Rolls it Out for the UN International Day of Girls with ‘PIGE’

This epic music video celebrates girlhood in all different kinds of ways.

The concert collective HUN SOLO from badass founders Nana Jacobi, Anya Mathilde Poulsen and Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg has been capturing hearts in their home country of Denmark for some time now with their signature knack for organizing creativity. The latest upbeat music video release from Jacobi is called “PIGE” (pronounced “pee-uh”, for our non-Danes out there), which translates to the word “girl”. Beyond being visually energetic – a white accent throughout the video creates a feeling of electricity and movement – the song carries the message of female empowerment, specifically for all the young girls out there.

The video features girls just doing their thing in many different active iterations: skating, dancing, playing drums, fencing and more, powerfully expressing the beauty and power behind being a girl in a celebratory yet strong way. Today is the UN International Day of the Girl, which is a perfect time to release such a song. Be sure to catch HUN SOLO among others for a killer performance at VEGA today!


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