Feast your eyes on this striking photo series from the lovely people at Sweet Sneak Studios. Their very important Waste Series shines a bright and colorful light on the all-too-relevant theme of plastic waste. In the words of one of the five fabulous co-founders of Sweet Sneak, Brini Fetz:

“‘The Waste Series’ was an internal project we’ve been thinking of for a long time. We always just show the pretty foods, but no one gets to see the mountains of packaging waste of the ingredients behind the camera… It’s crazy to see how such natural things like fruits and vegetables are sometimes wrapped twice in plastic!”

Certainly there is a lot that happens behind the scenes between food products being made, processed, or even plucked from the earth and transported home to your kitchen. Understandably, as a whole we all tend to be more aware of the food itself than the packaging it arrives in. However, these small details add up to a big mess, not just for our own respective kitchens. (We’re talking big picture, planet-wise in case you missed this one, guys).

An active creative output revolving around all kinds of food experiences, Sweet Sneak Studios had plenty to say on the matter. This revealing series of photos  hopefully inspires a further sense of awareness for the companies behind the grocery isles as well as for consumers.

As you can see, Brini and the Sweet Sneak team framed a broader perspective with this series. Regarding their aim with the project, she says: “We wanted to put this issue into perspective and show the plastic waste that it takes to prepare a simple meal at home. Perhaps we are not changing the world with this images series, but we hope to spark some conversation about the issue, inspire designers and producers to find better solutions and the supermarkets themselves to request products with the least possible plastic packaging.”

This is why we’re all grateful for the foods that come with nature’s packaging. Shoutsout to bananas!

Photos © Sweet Sneak Studio