Hip Hop in Byhaven: The Rundown of Our First Event in 1.5 Years!

Moments from our hip hop night with Sosa, Lucy Love, Kaddi Sawaneh and the most incredible crowd! Bonus: We’re giving you our playlist from the night too!


It’s been over a week since our event in Pumpehuset’s Byhave last Friday, but the vibe (and the hip hop!) hasn’t left us at all. On top of that, we’re still pinching ourselves over how many of you amazing people showed up in Copenhagen on July 23rd to support and party with some seriously badass women that were fiiiinally able to share their art with us after these long years months away from in-person shows. There were more than 800 of you throughout the night! Do you understand how cool that is? Please explain it to us because we’re still trying to get our heads around it…

Creating events and gathering people together has always been at the core of what we do, and this was our first in-person event since we hosted the Freestyle Ski and Snowboard carnival Slay Days in Austria like… a week before things turned into lockdown madness last year.

But as Denmark – where you’ll find the Girls Are Awesome office – has started to open up, we finally had the chance to satisfy our social hunger and invite everyone in and around Copenhagen to join us for a night of female hip hop talents! And it. Was. Incredible.

Rising star and killer comeback: Sosa and Lucy Love set the bar(s) high!

Byhaven was at full capacity when the first act, rising new rap talent Sosa, took the stage with her no-bullsh*t hip hop tracks, centered around tongue-n-cheek punchlines about everything from sex and being that bitch to dreaming of a white Range Rover with black velour upholstery.

If you don’t know Sosa yet, check out this video we did on the importance of representation before you continue:

Hailing from Ishøj, a Copenhagen Suburb, Sosa is the newest signing on the Copenhagen-based label Black Cheese Records (psst, that also boasts rising rapper Goldie 6is on their roster). Sosa hit the stage and set the energy level at 11 from her first track, getting everyone on their feet and filling the dancefloor. If you were there, you know how insane the excitement and positive vibes were… Honestly, you could probably feel it from all the way down the street!

hip hop Sosa x Girls Are Awesome x Adidas
Sosa in our Girls Are Awesome x Adidas Originals Coach Jacket

After an amazing performance from Sosa, the stage got all set up for Lucy Love to do what she does best, which is giving herself to the crowd and the music in a captivating and sweaty mix of electronica and rap. Lucy Love is an experienced rapper and performer and that 100% showed… At this show, we were gifted with iconic tracks like “No VIP” and “Daddy Was a DJ” from her 2009 debut album Superbillion, the more pop-oriented “Take Me Back” from 2014’s Desperate Days of Dynamite, and of course new cuts from her 2020 comeback record Hammerhead like the hard-hitting “9 Bars”. The set also featured a lit guest feature from another exciting new rapper, Szim, who Lucy Love manages when she’s not out creating a mad party like this. People were dancing and singing along to what felt like the relief-concert of 2021 everyone had been waiting for.

Lucy Love at Byhaven
Lucy Love on stage in Byhaven, Copenhagen

Finally, close friend of the Girls Are Awesome family Kaddi Sawaneh lit up the party with a banging two-hour DJ set filled with hip hop and Afrobeat that made the spontaneous dance floor absolutely impossible to resist. For a while, we couldn’t even see her because of the wall of dancing people who joined her on stage – Iconic moment!

Miss the vibe? Here’s what was playing in between acts!

It’s funny how people come up with excuses like ‘there just aren’t as many good female rappers’ when the discussion ends somewhere around the hopeless misrepresentation of women in the hip hop scene. We all know that’s clearly not the case, and we made a playlist with four full hours of female rappers and hip hop-infused tracks to show just that. So, in case you heard your new favorite track while sippin’ on your Rhubarb Spritz at Byhaven but didn’t get to Shazam it in time, we wanted to make sure you had the full playlist – And here it is!

It includes everything from Missy Elliot and Lil’ Kim over new rising UK acts like Miss LaFamilia, Ivorian Doll, Shaybo, Enny and Br3nya, to Local Danish rappers FVN, IVYxM, Nnúra, Dejah Makar, Tessa, Goldie 6is, Yukka, Ravi Kuma, YAKUZA, Nøx, Alvarado, Sulka, Kinck, Karen Mukupa and Natasja Saad <3. Check it out here!

We could go on forever about the night, but we’ll just finish here saying a HUGE thanks to Sosa, Lucy Love, Kaddi Sawaneh and Pumpehusets Byhave – and of course to every single one of you who showed up and made this the best night! We love you and we can’t wait to do it all again!


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