Here’s Why We’re Loving “Mellem Os” Podcast – And You Will Too!

Hey, Danish podcast lovers! Have you heard about Mariam Hassanain and Duygu Cakir’s podcast, “Mellem Os”? Grab your headphones, this one’s for you!

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Photo: Mellem Os

Hey, Danish podcast lovers! We’ve got a little recommendation for you, so grab your headphones and get cozy…

We’ve been fans of Mariam Hassanain and Duygu Cakir for a while, and wanted to make sure you’ve heard about their podcast, Mellem Os (which means “Between Us” in English), a name inspired by the two friends’ desire to shed light on taboo topics, and the types of topics that usually stay between friends – hence the name. Here’s a little taste of the types of insights the girls share on Mellem Os:

Mariam and Duygu believe that by bringing their private, emotional lives into the open and talking through things together, they can offer listeners a sense of relatability and community, recognizing that many challenges and feelings are universal to everyone! Beyond this, the podcast is also the duo’s tool for increasing representation in Denmark, as both hosts are ethnic and religious minorities. So they’ve created their own space to have the conversations they want, and break free from others’ expectations, as well as the problematic stereotypes that the media and politicians so often reduce minorities to. What’s not to love!

Learn more about Miriam and Duygu by checking out the Mellem Os Instagram, and by listening wherever you stream your podcasts. And, just to make life easier, we’ll even throw in the latest episode for you here so you can start listening:


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