Here’s Why ‘Derry Girls’ Is An Important Show To Watch

Written and created by Northern Irish native Lisa McGee, the heartwarming, hilarious TV show ‘Derry Girls’ is an oasis of funny in a previously gray and humorless media landscape.

Catch up with the latest in this Netflix original series that follows the troublesome shenanigans surrounding a gang of misfit girls in Derry, Northern Ireland in the 1990s. “Derry Girls” is a supremely funny story that portrays the highs and lows of young womanhood in the context of a place that doesn’t beg to be discovered but is, in this wacky yet heartfelt comedy. Feel free to watch the quintessential girlhood drama unfold in an organic tumble of well-calculated chaos, highlighting the joy and anguish of “doing life” as a young female in Northern Ireland – or anywhere, really. The mastermind behind the show is Lisa McGee, a Northern Irish native herself and a brilliant writer and creator.

In an interview this year, McGee points to the landscape of television and media in Derry, one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Ireland with a complicated political history, as having been somewhat boring, “gray and masculine”. Now, in the year 2019, “Derry Girls” is the most watched series since they started keeping records in 2002, proving that the time is ripe for a comedy of such caliber; one that takes on the heaviness of the political climate in Northern Ireland with a sense of humor that allows people to look through the violence, to an all-at-once sacred and irreverent space for growth and humanness. The classic girlhood coming-of-age atmosphere of the series comes through boldly and completely eschews cliché with a tone that speaks to the odd, somewhat dark humor in Northern Ireland while adding a universally accessible wit.

Whether you’re looking to laugh, cry, laugh-cry, or look back on your own weird adolescence, we highly recommend you tune in to this glorious show – perhaps with the subtitles on, to keep pace with the richly dynamic Northern Irish delivery.


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