Here’s What You Missed at the Yakuza Show at Magasin

As a part of a project with Magasin about using our platforms to increase female representation, we recently invited up-and-coming rapper Yakuza inside for an intimate show.

All photos by Sonia Zeigler

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of welcoming crazy talented Danish rapper Yakuza to try out a new live format for her show in Magasin Du Nord. For this special occasion, she ditched the usually-energetic-cum-rowdy bangers in favour of an almost balladesque vibe, singing her most well-known tunes over the talented backing guitar of homegirl @annieannieofficial. Mid-show, we halted the proceedings to have a candid conversation about the whens and hows of Yakuza’s coming-up, the status of the music industry and the reasons given to her by – *ahem* – unnamed radio stations as to why she was not getting radio play for essentially no reason whatsoever.

Jump through to our video of Yakuza we made recently as part of our partnership with Magasin and take a look at some of the shenanigans live from the event, captured by Sonia Ziegler, below.



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