Here’s What You Missed at Sassy 009

Sassy 009 gets Roskilde dancing again with a hypnotic performance backed by their signature lo-fi projections.

Written by Elke Numeyer


Sassy 009 (double-09) is the trio of girls from Norway that everyone is talking about. Some people claim to have met one (or all) of them, others are falling in love with them through their artistic lo-fi music videos that are fearlessly changing the way the music industry sees female artists in the best way possible. Simply put, we’ve figured out that it’s cool to know who they are. (And we totally know who they are.)

When Sassy 009’s 80’s VCR projections lit up the Countdown stage on Sunday night, their footage of forests, oceans and face-paint attracted crowds from afar and truly calmed them down after Saturday night’s wild intro parties. Live flute, keyboard and electronic beats had audiences swaying, dancing, singing, and smiling, putting the crowd under their spell that sent chills down spines. Our very own Elke Numeyer- Windshuttle joined the audience to capture the girls doing their magic, a performance that will certainly be whispered about for the week to come.