Here’s What You Missed At Roskilde Festival 2019

Catch our Roskilde Festival photo diary filled with beer bottles, blow-up dolls and plenty of classic moments to forget/regret at a later date…

Edited July 10th, 2019

For those of you who may not know, Roskilde Festival is the biggest festival in Scandinavia and a legendary ten-day affair that evokes the wildest and most radical side of anyone bold enough to brave the elements of this sometimes gnarly festival. While the main music days begin midweek, the warmup days are equally intense, with hours spent at camp binge drinking to made-up games by day and partying at neighboring camps or impressively well-constructed homemade bars by night/morning.

Whether you yourself attended, you knew anyone there this year, or just want to catch a vibe, peep some sweet Roskilde memories from this year in our photo diary, fresh from the eyes of our Girls Are Awesome squad – in particular, the lens of the massively talented, Sonia Ziegler. In her own words:

“For me, it’s always hilarious to stroll down a Roskilde Festival camping site. What you see there isn’t for the delicates. People’s creativity combined with lots of alcohol and little sleep results in fun actions and great happenings. I brought my camera, AKA my festival partner in crime, and together we documented some of the beautiful Roskilde mayhem. Enjoy!”

Feel free to soak in all the craziness; you can practically hear all the rumbling basslines from nearby camps and the far-away cheers from concerts you’ve probably missed already…


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