Here’s What You Should See at Way Out West ’16

We’re back at Way Out West checking out Gothenburg’s finest—and there happen to be tons of females performing you should check out, too.


Photo Courtesy of Way Out West

This year, we’re back at Way Out West checking out Gothenburg’s finest. #WOWGbg is one of those festivals that brings the magic of being in the woods right to the city—and there are tons of awesome females performing this year. Here are the ones we’re getting excited about.


Chvrches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry is shutting down sexist internet trolls and creating excellent music.

Kablam is playing at Dungen. Vibes at her boiler room were fire, set so expect a good one.


Obviously, you gotta go see PJ Harvey and Grace Jones: two of the most influential (in this humble writer’s humblest of opinions) female musicians of our time.

Grace Jones

PJ Harvey

After PJ, head to the Woah Dad x Monki girl punk party. We’ll be there dancing to Dolores Haze, one of them young bands that we expect to see all over.


Seinabo Sey will take your breath away. That voice. I mean, HALLO.

Dance late night with us to Lady Leshurr.

Enjoy yourselves, people!


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