Here’s Our Handy Dandy Girls Are Awesome Playlist

Dive into the juiciest playlist of all time, including all the emotions and moods, drawing from old inspirations and new.

Remember the olden times, when people would show how much they cared with a simple, profound mixtape? Like yes bitch, burn me a sweet, sweet mix with all of your feelings and make sure you write out each and every track on the disk with a Sharpie or get crafty with the breakdown on a sheet of paper in a used CD case. Thankfully, these days, Spotify has filled that mixtape-sized hole with a platform that allows for music to be discovery independently and shared between friends. Whether you’re constantly on the prowl for soulful sounds or you’re just happy for some new jams, we at Girls Are Awesome have obliged with a saucy lil playlist that includes all the emotions, moods and flavors you might be craving right about now.

The Girls Are Awesome Playlist, curated by yours truly, hits high notes with jams from artists like Lizzo, Princess Nokia and Sampa the Great, as well as plenty of the softer feels with highlights from artists like Biig Piig, Raveena, Solange and more. Also catch a few of the golden oldies strewn in between from legends like Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and Etta James. Dive right in and be sure to follow and save the songs you like, as the playlist will be updated bi-monthly.



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