HANX Know Good Sex And Aren’t Afraid To Share The Knowledge

“It’s time the world stopped being weird about our sex lives”. The UK based brand has slowly but surely been gaining momentum and recognition for a multitude of initiatives, but it all started with their elegant and minimalistic designed condom wrappers and lube.

Although our relationship with sex and sexuality has been a muddy arena, riddled in confusion, misinformation, and even shame, it’s becoming more and more clear that we as a society have been on the right track when it comes to the openness of those topics. Despite having between moved past the era of women’s magazines’ misguided sex tips, there’s still an ocean of knowledge gaps and questions.

This is where HANX enters the picture. It all started with a desire to create elegant, minimalist and attractively designed condom and lube packaging. They felt that the existing visuals of condoms currently available were not doing the job in making women feel comfortable buying or using them. They wanted to allow women to take control over their sexual health and sexuality.

But the redesign of these products is merely a step towards a larger, and female-centered, comfort around sex preferences, tabus, health-related sex questions, and all the ways in which we as a society can open up more about our sex lives.

Sex is supposed to be positive and yet, it still didn’t feel that way when you cast a furtive glance around the condom aisle. 

Other than wanting the package design, ingredients, smell, and the marketing to be more real when it comes to the HANX condoms themselves, they also wanted the conversations around sex to be more real too. As co-founder Farah Kabir told us:

I certainly think we’ve made a lot of progress with movements such as Time’s Up and #metoo putting women’s issues at the forefront of people’s minds, as well as all over our Instagram feeds. Sex education in schools is improving, with a focus on pleasure and relationships alongside the standard sexual health and sexuality lessons but there’s still so much more to do. The Pleasure Gap still exists and I don’t think it’ll change quickly but in order to make this happen, we need allies and a community where honest communication is essential. Your mums, your sisters, the people around you should all be a part of this open conversation. We’ve previously teamed up with independent UK charity Sexpression, who’s goal is to empower young people to make informed decisions around relationships and sex and here at HANX, we’re all about getting that knowledge out there.

My co-founder, gynecology doctor Sarah Welsh, and I were keen to create our own HANX Life forum to act as a safe space for those that need advice or just want to talk about pleasure, health, and all that’s in between. It’s a source of information for those who need it, with a strict ‘zero judgment’ stance and really lovely users who are quick to share their own experiences, anonymously or otherwise.

Ultimately, your sexual wellness is just as important as that of your mental and physical health, and we believe that sex is for everyone. We want people to feel positive about purchasing and carrying condoms and lube, especially women.

It’s clear that education and getting the right information out is a huge value for the founders, which is why they created an informative and diverse editorial section on their site called ‘Naked Truths’. Here, the articles and Like a nightclub toilet at 4 am, or your best friend’s living room after two bottles of chardonnay, we’ve created a place to have an honest discussion about sexual wellness – warts and all.content shared is gynae-based and comes from a health professional on a broad range of subjects, including but not limited to sex. They cover topics such as first dates, shine the spotlight on fellow female founders who’re killing it in their respective fields, periods, masturbation, skincare, relationships. As Farah Kabir says herself:

“It’s the sweet spot between the glossy magazine you always looked to for sex and love advice and the no-frills medical journal that gives it to you straight.

Community building and information sharing are no new tasks for the HANX team. That’s why it came as an intuitive idea to support and aid the black community in the wake of the ways that world politics has shifted its attention. As a small startup, they had to think outside the box and landed on a mentoring program designed to support the black community by utilizing HANXs large network of industry leaders, who are happy and eager to support with experience and expertise. Farah told us a bit more about how it works on a practical level:

“So far, we have over 200 people from various industries who have donated their time which is great to see. However, right now, we want those who want the support and from the black community to sign up for the program. We’re also currently in talks with various charities, community projects, organizations, and individuals to work out how we can really make this scheme as successful and efficient as possible. Whilst it might take a little fine-tuning, this isn’t a race and it’s crucial that we reach the people who really need our support, whether that’s weeks, months, or years away. If you would like mentoring you can sign up here.

It’s more of a marathon than a sprint. Lack of network is something that holds many back from entering the professional industries, especially members of the black community. The idea is that in sharing our skills and experiences, we can open up knowledge that is usually gated by privilege and create new connections that have a positive personal and professional impact. This expands our mentors’ world view, too – it goes both ways.”

It’s quite clear that HANX are conscious about the moves they make. They aim and dream big, and this is what the future looks like for safe sex if you ask Farah:

“We’d love to partner with every school in the UK and for HANX to be at the forefront of informative, holistic sex education. Rather than turning to porn or dubious WhatsApp groups for information on sex and healthy relationships, the aim is to encourage people to engage with the HANX Life forum and really utilize this safe space we’ve created for folks to get to grips with their wellness. 

Equality in the marketing of male and female sexual health brands is another one to tick off the wish list: male viagra brands can advertise on the tube but in order to get our adverts, or even to an extent, our brand out there, it can be a nightmare to get through regulations on social media alone. It could be said that condoms are essential, rather than a luxury or a novelty product, but that doesn’t make it any easier when attempting to promote our condoms or lubricant. It’d be great to restore the balance on this unequal stance.”

Like a nightclub toilet at 4am, or your best friend’s living room after two bottles of chardonnay, we’ve created a place to have an honest discussion about sexual wellness – warts and all.

Ideally, HANX will be the go-to destination for mums, sisters, aunts, daughters and friends to find out more about their sexual wellness whilst continuing to provide advice, support, and great gynaecologist approved contraception. We’ve got our sights on expanding globally beyond Europe, and for our product to be available in non-traditional retailers. Normalizing the purchase and caring of contraception is part and parcel of educating people that it’s an essential element of great, safe sex. We want to make it so easy for women to pick up condoms whilst buying makeup, skincare, medicine, clothes… whatever! I’m very proud to be the co-founder of a female-founded start-up that’s taking on giants of the sex tech industry and doing it in an inherently HANX way. No matter what the future holds, post-COVID-19 and beyond, knowing that we’re making a difference to people’s sex lives and resulting wellness is pretty special.


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