Hallo Vulva: New Book Seeks to End Shame Around Vulva Stigma

Get your hands on the new book tackling stigma around your vulva!


Did you know that the word for “labia” translates to “shame lips” in languages like German (Schamlippe) and Danish (skamlæber)…? We wish we were making it up!

Our friends at @Shedecade think it’s time to toss those words out – and the stimga that comes along with them! – and start calling all parts of our glorious vulvas by their proper, shame-free names. That’s why they wrote a little book called „HALLO VULVA“ – to let all of us who have them know there’s nothing to be ashamed of – only celebrated! Especially at a time when many of us feel a pressure to “fix” our supposedly “unattractive” labia through e.g. plastic surgery, it’s a super important and timely reminder!

As if that amazing message isn’t enough, the proceeds from „HALLO VULVA“ are going straight to @socialperiod, which supports women who can’t afford period products in the fight against period poverty. There’s a lot of love and effort in this project — hoping to free women’s bodies from shame!

Grab your copy of „HALLO VULVA“ here and help spread the word!


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