Haiyti’s Video for “Artillerie” is a Poppin’ and Lo-Fi Tribute to Net Culture

With graphics evocative of Windows '96 set against crunchy production, the German rapper's latest is a trap banger for the nostalgic millennial.

Man, there’s a lot going on in this video! Although we’re pretty much used to German trap artist Haiyti constantly experimenting with personas and looks in her music videos, she’s amped up that attitude a notch in “Artillerie”: throughout the music video, she seems to glue multiple juxtaposing concepts together into one rowdy result.

Musically alone, “Artillerie” is one of her densest tracks we’ve heard: the track is rooted in crunchy, lo-fi production, layered with abrupt gunshots and Haiyti’s speedy and razor-sharp flow. Listening to it feels like trying to keep up with someone’s unfiltered stream of unraveling thought, which surprisingly works: the mix of elements, from Haiyti’s vocals to the layers of production, combine to create a track that’s cathartic yet catchy to listen to. It also cements Haiyti as someone who isn’t afraid to just do stuff ’cause she feels like it—an attitude only supported by the video itself.

The video features a random assortment of roughly-rendered graphics, floating on top of shots of Haiyti kind of just hanging out in potentially exotic locations (we can’t really tell, but we do see a palm tree at some point.) We see spinning graphics of your basic smiley emojis, floating popsicles, Anime illustrations, infinity cubes, lighting bolts and even the EU Flag. All of these standalone elements pop up as abruptly as the gunshots we hear; most importantly, all of them are executed in a style that’s distinctly evocative of the early days of digital culture, circa Windows ’96—a definite point of nostalgia for all you millennials watching this vid and remembering your days playing solitaire on your parents’ PC.

As for Haiyti, she’s at the top of her typically nonchalant form: she’s basically either roaming around on a field, chilling in a bathrobe or waving an inexplicably acquired bottle of Windex in your face like a baws. All in all, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy watching this busy little video and reminiscing about the days of MSN messenger and Gameboys.