The Granny Report: Annelise Mylenberg

We asked the 83-year-old mother of two about her fondest memory. Naturally, it involves a sex club.

‘The Granny Report’ is our new series where we ask some women who’ve been around the block and seen it all about their fondest memories. First up: 83-year-old mother of two Annelise Mylenberg. Blind for eleven years, Annelise finds a lot of comfort in listening to music and the radio; she also loves spending time with the family and doing aerobics. 

Annelise as a teenager.

Girls Are Awesome: Hi, Annelise. What’s one of your fondest memories?

My partner and I had a kind of sex club. It wasn’t necessarily about having sex, but there were six other couples in the group.

The six couples were also our best friends and we held a party every sixth week, because one of the members was a train conductor and only had time to join in every sixth Saturday. We had this rule that once we’d had something to eat, we were allowed to dance, hug and kiss with the other couples. But we weren’t allowed to have sex with any of the other couples. The first person to do that would cause the whole club to be dissolved.

And so, this went for almost three years before anyone fell into the trap. And it was very random: one of the husbands came home and found his partner together with someone else.

And you weren’t one of them?

No. Børge and Kirsten were the ones who broke the rules.

What did you do?

What had to be done: we dissolved the group.

Thanks, Annelise.