Grace Davies: 16 Quick Q’s for Your New Musical Crush!

Looking for a new musical crush? We got you covered! Meet one of the UK’s most exciting new pop acts Grace Davies!

Grace Davies // Press
Grace Davies // Press

Your new favorite song or lifelong musical crush is always right around the corner, and it’s our job to keep bringing you amazing new tunes and artists with that very goal in mind. That’s why we got in touch with the one and only Grace Davies

To say that the British singer, producer, and songwriter Grace Davies writes damn good pop songs is to state the obvious. Singles like “Testosterone” “i met a boy online”, “toothbrush” and her latest outing “used to you” hits right where it should and if the routine of everyday life somehow made you forget what having emotions feels like, Grace Davies’ music is there to remind you.

Following her masterly debut-EP Friends With The Tragic, Davies will be releasing a new EP titled i wonder if you wonder later this year and we’re 100% here for it!

We’ve reached out to the rising pop star to get to know her better. Learn more about the rising star’s feelings towards garlic bread, her biggest role models and capitalising on F boys after watching the new video for “used to you” here:

Hi, I’m Grace Davies and I’ve been making music since… I was 16. I taught myself piano around then so that I could write songs and then started releasing a couple of years later. I also produce now too which is pretty cool!

I started making music because… I’ve always wanted to be a singer but didn’t know how to be an artist without original music. So I started writing and found out that I really loved it!

If I were to describe my music, I’d say it sounds like… dream pop. Or at least this is what someone described it as recently and I loved it and ran with it haha! I always use the words sad girl pop. Very euphoric and huge but sad AF lyrics!

I feel the most inspired when… my heart is broken! I’m really out here capitalising on the F boys lol.

I’m really proud of… my debut EP Friends With The Tragic. Those songs are my actual babies, full on children, and I could not love them any more if I tried.

The first time I heard “Change Your Mind” by RAYE I felt… sad, empowered, euphoria, like I wanted to dance but also cry. It’s a work of art.

Grace Davies // Press

When people listen to my music, I hope they… relate and feel less alone in whatever they’re going through and that it can bring them joy.

I’ll never forget when… I played Wembley arena. Or just the national arena tour in general – unbelievable scenes.

When I hear the words garlic bread it makes me… happy.

I feel the most empowered when… I’m writing for other artists. I just love walking away from a writing session for someone else with a song that they absolutely adore, it makes me feel like I did my job properly and I’m quite good at it haha.

My single “Toothbrush” is… a total sad banger. ‘Dance cry’ AF.

When people listen to my music, I hope they… relate and feel less alone in whatever they’re going through and that it can bring them joy.

It’s important to empower women because… if we don’t empower each other, who else is going to do it?!

My biggest role models are… Adele, RAYE, Anne-Marie.

Looking back at this time of my life 10 years from now, I’ll remember it being… horrendous because I was in school and absolutely hated it lol.

If I met my 14-year-old self I’d tell her… you go through some absolute turmoil in life, and it can be so crap, but you do things way beyond your dreams and you achieve your dream career.

I want you to know that… I’m an independent artist who works her bum off to create amazing music and, though it can be hard, there’s nothing I love more in the world than making music.

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