Gorgeously glitchy and utterly enchanting: The Title Track of Nora Lilith’s Debut EP ‘Daysof8’ is a world of wonder

“Daysof8”, the experimental title track of Nora Lilith DIY debut EP showcases her limitless creativity.

Nora Lilith by Taylor Hall
Nora Lilith by Taylor Hall

Woozy vocals, psychedelic visuals and addictive drum loops meet on Norah Lilith’s musical creation, “DaysOf8”.

A welcomed return from the Majestic Casual signee, “DaysOf8” follows swiftly on from the release of the brooding and evocative single, “Misfed” whose release marked the ushering in of a new and exciting era in Norah Lilith’s career, an era wholly focused on creative autonomy and artistic expression and experimentation. 

Known for her DIY, all-hands-on-deck approach to music-making, “Daysof8” continues the story, expanding on Nora Lilith’s ongoing journey of self-exploration and discovery via a beautifully intimate, self-composed number inspired by the feeling of not being good enough for your romantic partner. Lyrically simplistic yet sonically complex, “DaysOf8” perfectly captures Norah Lilith’s unique, self-taught ability to express complex emotions, moods and human experiences through subtle lyricism and whimsical musical compositions.

Lyrically, “Daysof8” is about the synthesis of recognizing your own limitations and mistakes in a relationship whilst wishing the other to be free from the clutches of those shortcomings. It’s a confession of one’s own attachments and desperations, and a statement of loving release of that hold and an encouragement to ‘go’ be free, she explains.

By utilising a spacious and experimental approach to production, “DaysOf8” boasts a unique sonic atmosphere that’s consistent with Norah Lillith’s catalogue of experimental and highly atmospheric styles of music. The sounds she creates through the production of her songs are there, more to provoke a feeling or enhance the mood of the lyrics than to create a rhythmic foundation for the song. “DaysOf8” excels at all levels, hitting the ear as a sweet serenade with an unexpectedly bitter centre.

Speaking more on the making behind the record, Norah Lilith explains: 

Upon discovering the Soundtoy’s ‘Alterboy’ plugin, I wrote this track, as well as Yolk, (another track on my upcoming EP) – both on the same day. I was really just experimenting with this vocal tone, and it excited me to be able to manipulate my voice to such a degree. I laid down the drums first, then the bass line, and the vocal melody came pretty naturally from just hearing that initial groove.

Unusual, unexpected and utterly unique, “Daysof8” is yet another mesmerizing offer from Nora Lilith who continues to grow and evolve her sound with each new release, expanding her talents and inviting listeners to delve deep into her reflective world of introspection and candid vulnerability.

Nora Lilith’s full debut EP Daysof8 is out now! Go stream it here:

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