#GirlsWeLove: Nadya Okamoto, who started the Menstrual Movement at just 16

PODCAST: Get to know the girl who’s working to make period poverty a thing of the past

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Photo: Sarah Waters

Here’s a name you need to know: Nadya Okamoto, the American author and advocate for period equity, who founded the Menstrual Movement at just 16 years of age. We love it!

For those of us who menstruate, it’s no secret that life can get a little turned upside-down during the week of our cycle. And that week took on a whole new significance in Nadya’s early teens, when her family experienced homelessness. Not having access to period products or a restroom presented a series of revealing challenges to feeling “clean, capable and confident” that Nadya had never noticed before – and knew she needed to tell the world about.

She launched PERIOD, the Menstrual Movement, to raise awareness about the multitude of ways that period poverty, lack of access to period products and legislation like the Pink Tax all hold people who menstruate back from opportunities. And enough is enough! We’re so glad she’s out there spreading the word through her activism and her book, Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement. To hear more from Nadya about her work and her mission, check out this awesome interview with Julisse Arce:
PODCAST: “Why Are We So Scared To Talk About Periods?” – Julisse Arce’s Interview with Nadya Okamoto

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