GALLERY: Girls Were Awesome at by:Larm 2021!

We had the absolute pleasure of joining the crowd at the Norwegian music Festival by:Larm. Here’s who we saw and why they deserve your attention.

Prisma at by:Larm
Prisma by Emma Ishøy

In the end of September, our music writer Nikoline and our photographer and videographer Emma headed over to Oslo, Norway, to attend the annual by:Larm Festival. It was the last big event to take place in Norway in 2020 before lockdown and – quite symbolic – the first big event to take place after Norway had lifted its restrictions just a few days before the festival.

It wasn’t just a celebration of music but a celebration of dancing, living, and being around other people again.


The concept of the festival is pretty simple. It’s a conference for the Scandinavian and international music business by day and a music showcase festival by night which means that each act plays a short set of usually 30 minutes. You get familiar with the cozy streets of Oslo as you move from venue to venue and find concerts in atypical spaces like church rooms and cafés.

Besides from seeing a really inspiring live conversation with Stephanie Phillips who’s (guitarist and vocalist in the punk band Big Joanie and author behind the acclaimed book Why Solange Matters), we saw a lot of great acts!

The pictures below feature Danish artists Mekdes, Jada and Prisma who proved their enormous talents within each of their different genres. While Mekdes has totally cracked the code of making catchy, intimate R&B, Jada is conquering new musical territories with her grandiose, heartfelt pop. And the sister duo Prisma? Well, they’re kicking ass on bass, guitar and haunting vocal harmonies with their atmospheric alternative rock – a genre where the representation of women is still very low.

From Norway, we were especially blown away by Imerika‘s at once both intimate and big-sounding pop that we saw her performing live on national radio, and Cham Léon‘s irresistible pop-based blend of jazz and electronica, emotional lyrics and captivating stage presence.

Last but not least you’ll come around pictures of the Swiss-Tamil rising star Priya Ragu. After having followed her career closely since the release of her brilliant debut single “Good Love 2.0”, it’s no secret that our expectations had skyrocketed. But the way she and her band grooved as they took the stage with their unique blend of R&B, pop and Tamil and South Asian traditional music, totally exceeded our imagination.

Check out Emma’s cool pictures below – and see you next year at by:Larm Festival!

Oh, and stay tuned here or at our Instagram where we’ll be posting Q&A’s with Cham Léon, Prisma, Mekdes and Imerika in the near future.

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