Girls and Gear With Tattooist Simone Klimmeck

She just opened up her own tattoo studio in the heart of Berlin, so we asked her about her fave pieces of gear you'll find inside.

A few weeks back, German tattooist Simone Klimmeck opened her very own tattoo studio in the heart of Berlin as part of her collaboration with adidas Originals and Girls Are Awesome. Hand-built by Simone and a team of friends over a few days, the studio is made up of three main spaces, carries a rustic theme—and also contains some of Simone’s must-need items for working as well as just chilling.

In lieu of this, we thought we’d ask Simone about some of the gear she can’t go without, as well as the little details she’s obsessed with just because.


“Adapting new things sometimes takes some time, especially if it involves a routine that you’ve been doing almost your whole life. So it was not love at first sight, but I almost completely banned paper and pencil; these days, I draw most things – at least the tattoo-related designs – on my graph tablet. It just saves an incredible amount of time.”

Street lights

“My fave lamps are the four street lights my friend Stef brought with him from Milan. He once witnessed how the town administration changed their old lights to LED modernized versions, and somehow convinced them to give him the old, historic ones. I think he took about twenty with him to Berlin, restored them, and gave me four which we lacquered vibrant red; they look like something from an old firefighter station now. Just think about how many couples must have kissed underneath them once, and how many dogs must have taken a piss!”

Meat hook

“I’m a fan of putting things in new contexts and also believe in separating things from their typical associations. I am vegan, but you can find many meat industry-related objects in my studio. To me, they are simply beautiful and I’d like to think of them as being given a second life in a non-murder-related surrounding. (First I wanted to say blood-or-pain-related, but wait a second… *chuckles*)

So a former meat hook I bought on eBay now serves as my wardrobe, butchers’ boxes as my storage and a butcher’s curtain as room divider.”

Rietveld sofa

“I do not have the money to buy an original bauhaus classic. What I do have, however, are friends who are able to rebuild one and make it even better. They created a three-seat version of my all-time favourite “Red Blue Chair” from Gerrit Reitveld in firefighter red, like almost everything else in the studio. I’m so incredibly proud to own this sofa; this is going to be one of these things you keep your whole life. So dear future husband: this red abstract thingy is part of the deal.”

Tattoo chair

“So I own a Ferrari now—the ferrari of tattoo benches, that is. It comes in fir green, is handmade in Austria, and you can literally move every single part of it. The first days I spent hours sitting in front of it and moving people around—leg up, back down, up and down, up and down. I was like a child on Christmas eve obsessively using its new remote control car!

Although I haven’t become a dentist or a gynaecologist, I feel I can now somehow relate to them. It’s definitely a thing, working with these kind of magical chairs.”

Steel floor

“When given the chance to do a makeover for a space, normally you have to decide between the cheap-but-ugly and damn-thats-what-I-always-dreamt-of-but-whooaahh-completely-out-of-budget options.

Or you just think outside the box and do uncommon things, like putting in a steel floor. It’s cheap and amazing. When buying the steel, the seller told us he once built a steel floor in Marina Abramovic’s former Berlin atelier. She is the only person I’ve ever heard of who also has a steel floor. I can live with that. Heavy metal girls.”