Girls Are Awesome Presents Crap To Bottom Part 5

We caught Giulia and Johanna for some ‘sunrise’ pipe lines in the longest cheese tube in the Suisse alps.

crap to bottom

I met Giulia Lach de Bere in the Indy bar when she was there to deliver home made cookies from her grandmother to the bartenders. It made me wonder if her grandmother taught her to ride the pipe like that cos her cookies were pretty damn bad ass. Together with shred-bestie and passport stamp collector Johanna Holmstedt, we present Crap To Bottom Part 5 – the ‘sunrise’ (whatevs) pipe episode shot in the looooooongest pipe in the world below everybody’s favourite cafe No Name (except now they don’t have pies I’m on the fence. True story. No pies. What is that anyway?

In other news, Giulia just won the Dutch halfpipe championships in the Laax pipe so we thought what better way to celebrate than let her giggle on our website.



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