Girls Are Talking – The Journey to Success

We had an amazing Girls Are Talking event with two V inspiring stories about different definitions and versions of success.

All photos by Nikolaj Rohde

This autumn Girls Are Talking event revolved around the simple theme of “Success.” Not necessarily a how-to guide to achieving it, but what exactly it means and how it feels when you know you have it. The two amazing speakers from this addition come from different worlds but share a commonality in that they are both hugely successful in their own right.

In case you forgot, Girls Are Talking is Girls Are Awesome’s talks platform to share knowledge, encourage action and expand networks. Think TED talks but cozier, Copenhagen-based and women take the center stage. Girls Are Talking is hosted at the Girls Are Awesome studio in Copenhagen. We’re also branching out though – check our talk from Zurich, Switzerland, based around the theme “Never Not” here.

Here is our first speaker on success, Katalin Konya, the youngest of ten children born and raised in Hungary and a three-time Amateur World Champion in kickboxing. So yeah, she’s a certified badass. Now, she dedicates all of her passion towards empowering others as a goal-mapping certified practitioner and career consultant. Let her amazing speech inspire you to fight for your dreams and maximize your own potential.

Our second lovely speaker was Christine Danielsen, an enthusiastic and dedicated ray of sunshine who fits all her glow into the would-be rigid corporate world here in Denmark. She has worked for Carlsberg for seven years, creating several commercial and creative successes while also co-founding De Ølglade Damers Klub. Her speech is all about making your own way and owning your own accomplishments.

Get out there and get cracking on your own success!


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