Girls Are Talking – Never Not Working

Settle in and take a listen to our talks, this time surrounding the topic #NeverNot, hosted in Zurich, Switzerland.

Photography: Nicki Antognini

We had yet another amazing and inspiring Girls Are Talking event this autumn around the theme “Never Not“. In this series of talks, we aimed at exploring the way in which different women assert themselves in their personal lives, career and the world at large!

As a little reminder for those of you who don’t know, Girls Are Talking is one of Girls Are Awesome’s in-person embodiments; a platform to share knowledge, encourage others and build networks. Think TED Talks but cozier, ordinarily Copenhagen-based and women take the center stage. Girls Are Talking is usually hosted at the Girls Are Awesome studio in Cope, but this special event was hosted at 25 Hours Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland.

Tune in with Cindy Schrepfer, a calm but powerful force both kinetically and creatively. Her career started in LAAX in the snowboarding world, and the urge to express herself lead her to study design. After years of self-employment in the creative scene, an accident changed her life radically. She made the brave decision to move to Bali and dive deeper on the journey to her true self.

She now runs LUOS in Switzerland, an organization which aims to inspire with sustainable unique products and hosts workshops for mindful living. Hear her talk about trust, dedication and openness as the key to growth.

Lovely Tora Löf  gave a compelling speech about her experience founding @chocolateoutofshit,a platform that aims to redefine healthy and sustainable living through content and events. Tora is completing her Masters in Business Innovation away from her home country of Sweden and considers herself a bit of a wanderlust. Perhaps that’s why she decided to create a work environment that enables her to work wherever and whenever. Her main goal most of the time is to constantly challenge herself to widen her horizons.

Beginning a career working in fashion for Vogue as well as several other publications, Alexandra Kruse consciously shifted her focus towards a more spiritual lifestyle. Now she is a shining example of open, gentle focus, guiding others with mindfulness workshops, among others. Alexandra is no stranger to the hustle and bustle and the noise that comes with the lifestyle, but she finds peace amidst the chaos thanks to conscious living and meditation.



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