Girls Are Talking – Music Industry Magic

We hosted another successful Girls Are Talking event, this time at Roskilde Festival, surrounding a relevant topic: the music industry.

When Saturday came around at Roskilde Festival 2019, for the first time and certainly not the last, Girls Are Awesome hosted a fabulous event to discuss the music industry with some talented professionals. For those who haven’t heard, Girls Are Talking is an ongoing series of in-person events where we invite inspiring women to share their stories on various important topics. The aim is to provide a welcoming and productive platform to open up meaningful dialogue where there are uplifting, poignant, difficult, complicated, necessary conversations to be had. We are proud to say that our network of knowledgable and successful women is constantly growing; feel free to keep in the loop about future events via our Facebook page.

This particular Girls Are Talking, amongst the rain, the music and the week-long hangover, we met at the House of Chroma and gathered around (literally) three inspirational guest speakers: Jessica Petersen, Karen Vincent and Jenny Rosander, to discuss women in the music industry. The main takeaway from the conversation was that we all – whether from the label standpoint, producers of music, or the consumers – have a common responsibility to support the right artists at times, and to create more opportunities for women overall. There were an abundance of claps, cheers and plenty of “f**k yeahs” to be shared that afternoon and all were left with a wonderful sense of power and purpose.

A bit about our speakers…

Jessica Petersen, Sound Engineer

Jessica Petersen is a talented female sound engineer at VEGA in Copenhagen, and has also branched into helping the Roskilde Festival crew move and groove. She talked about her experience as a sound engineer at Roskilde – how people notice that she is a woman among the mostly male engineers around. “When I do something good, people notice and they say ‘Ah it’s awesome cause you are a woman’. When I do something bad they are all like ‘It’s because you are a woman’. It’s a small world for sound engineers”.

Karen Vincent, SheCanPlay

Karen Vincent has been in the music industry for twenty years. For her, it all started when she joined the discussion about why labels don’t sign as many female artists, which prompted her to realize that there actually weren’t that many female artists sending demos out in the first place. She took action by creating SheCanPlay, a community that connects young women with each other and helps them develop their musical talent. “When we put these girls together, it seemed like this is what they all needed. They can be vulnerable and real and not worry about being perfect”.

Jenny Rosander, Lydmor

Swedish producer, singer and songwriter Jenny Rosander, better known as Lydmor, was loud and clear about her take on the state of women in the music industry. As a successful musician, she talked to us about how she contributes to the movement and voiced her concerns for women in the industry today. “The easiest way for me to do anything is to go on stage and be powerful and be an authority and speak up in that way. I create the room for myself and hopefully for women and men and I want people to know that gender is not just one thing but it is everywhere”.

The intense discussion branched into the subject of women empowerment in unequal settings, specifically when it comes to pay, being a responsible consumer, creating opportunities for women, and having the courage to be loud and imperfect. Take a peek inside our event below, photographed by the talented Sonia Ziegler.




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