Photos by Nikolaj Rohde

This time of the year, as April showers bring May flowers and new life springs up every which way, it’s worth having a think or two on how you got yours. Basically, every living (or dead) human being has (or had) a mom. Women are the givers of life and essentially every person on this good green Earth has come out of a vagina – an impressive feat, to say the least.

Beyond the mere magic of the biologically female body, motherhood is perhaps one of the most important themes in life from childhood to adulthood; as such, it’s fascinating and heartwarming to see how that plays out in the real world. Our discursive Girls Are Talking event this month delved into this topic, in honor of Mother’s Day and the badass moms in our community and yours.

Our featured speakers – on this occasion hosted in Danish, were Ayse Dudu and her daughter Aida, as well as our friend Sandra Mendoza and Freja for a candid talk about the ups and downs of parenting, being a mother and being a daughter. It was a fruitful and insightful discussion as always, the ultimate takeaway on this instance being: there is no one way to parent and true love manifests itself in many different ways.