Girls Are Awesome Voices – Anne Niluka

“I’m kinda losing hope – actually.” – Anne Niluka. In our new series Girls Are Awesome Voices we dive into the personal experiences of a range of women.

Together with Mary Consolata, we invited journalist Anne Niluka into the Girls Are Awesome studio to talk about her experiences with racism.

“I’m kinda losing hope – actually.

The more I and others keep talking, the more it seems people stop listing. Even though we come baring our broken hearts and repeating our traumas, people seem not to get it. Or questioning our intentions – if what we are saying is even true.”⁣ -Anne Niluka

Together with @maryconsolatanamagambe, we invited journalist @anneniluka into the Girls Are Awesome studio to talk about her experiences with racism. We did so because we are committed to being anti-racist. Not being racist won’t cut it any longer!⁣

“Firstly, we have to acknowledge that racism exists.” -Anne Niluka

Collectively repeating that we are not racist is reinforcing the belief that racism does not exist.

It does. It is very real, and it happens every damn day, every minute and second of the hour. The only way to stop it is if we all collectively take upon us the responsibility of becoming anti-racist and take action against any race-related discrimination, suppression and hate. Instead of staying neutral.⁣

It’s ok you don’t understand. You can’t. But if you can’t see it, please LISTEN… IF you listen whenever you hear someone talk about their experience with racism, you will feel them and the pain they carry. And that, dear fellow human, is the first step to acknowledging the depth of the task we have ahead of us.

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