Podcast: ‘Talking Tunes’ With Soleima

Hear the Danish Garage-Pop artist talk in detail about the production of her song “Low Life” on our Girls Are Awesome podcast.

chat | Girls Are Awesome

chat | Girls Are Awesome

Talking Tunes by Girls Are Awesome is our music podcast where we deconstruct female artists and the processes around one specific song. This episode is hosted by producer and songwriter Vakle. Vakle can be found on instagram.com/vakle_music

In this first episode we’re talking to Danish singer Soleima, who gives us a tour of the writing and recording process of her single Low Life. Soleima is especially known for her intriguingly quirky voice and the unique production in her songs. She talks about being new to the world of songwriting sessions and how to make it in that environment and her thoughts on streaming culture.
Find her at soundcloud.com/soleima-1

People she mentions in the podcast:
– Nick/Vasco soundcloud.com/vasconlm
– Vera soundcloud.com/veralovesuuu

chat | Girls Are Awesome

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