Girls Are Awesome Lookbook 2021

An up-close-and-colorful look at our SS21 pieces, and a mini Q&A with one of our co-founders about the values that drive us here at Girls Are Awesome!

Welcome to the Girls Are Awesome SS21 Lookbook, lovingly styled, photographed and edited by a few of the coolest crew members the world has ever known, and featuring some of our favorite role models. Swipe through the collection (and grab your new favorite piece here!), and read the mini Q&A with co-founder Nick Bridge about the “why” behind our brand and logo below!

Tell us a bit about the Girls Are Awesome mission and logo…

Our purpose is to increase female representation and amplify women’s voices on our bigger mission towards equality. Girls Are Awesome should make you feel empowered, welcome, confident, an individual.

The logo represents strength and boldness, with the lightning signifying energy and power. And we want our pieces to be conversation-starters. Whenever you rock the Girls Are Awesome logo, you’re an ambassador for that message as well – because it’s a message for everyone! We hope it opens up a dialogue between you and whoever you’re around that girls and women kick ass – and that all of us have a part to play on the road to gender equality.

So what happens when I grab a piece of Girls Are Awesome apparel or gear?

Every purchase supports Girls Are Awesome’s work in elevating girls and women’s voices – predominantly through our editorial platforms which showcase videos and articles, plus our events, talks and the daily work of running a large Instagram and other social media channels.

And how does sustainability fit into all of this?

For us social sustainability is our main priority, followed closely by the environment. We have set a goal to have a fully women-led supply chain by 2024 – and are moving as quickly as we can to organic materials. When working with artists for designs we have created a model to ensure our artists are properly compensated – our model offers better terms than most brands who engage artists and includes both a down payment for use of the art as well as a royalty per product sold. 


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