Girlcrush Challenges Gendered Language With New Single ‘Throwing Like A Girl’

Newest tune from post-punk band Girlscrush is critical, raw, unapologetic and starts making an impact by the title alone.

Girlcrush have had a year where they’ve managed to make some moves. Newly emerging on the scene and they’ve already toured, performed at Roskilde Festival and had their previous singles rotating Danish radio stations, showcasing their ability to write songs that are both angry and sweet; raw and infectious, but equally as important, songs that are a counter-reaction to the patriarchy and strict gender binaries.

Now they’re back with the single ‘throwing like a girl’ – their angriest and loudest date. The song started out as poems in Andrea’s sketchbook written about personal trauma that occurred gradually through many experiences of emotional violence in relationships with men. Andrea used the poems to put words to the feelings of anxiety, anger, and powerlessness that had become a recurring phenomenon throughout her experience. The rehearsal space functioned as a safe space where she could share her feelings with her bandmates and find support in their shared process of writing songs.

Nat and Marie put down supportive harmonies on top of Andrea’s lead that’s communicating the song’s dark background and message. It’s catchy indie-punk with the anger as a backdrop and an infectious melody in the forefront.

The song also shines a light on outdated gender stereotypes that get amplified by language use. Expressions like “you throw like a girl” gives life to the idea that girls are weaker than boys and maintains a sexist view of women. After processing the experiences and receiving unconditional support, those experiences and the process and working with them as a band birthed the creation of ‘throwing like a girl’.

With the fire energy that girlcrush possesses, one can only hope that more and more people open their eyes to the way our language choice can reinforce stereotypes and how we can be more conscious of the way we speak.


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