GETOVERHER’s “Hoop Nose Ring” is a Sweaty, Sassy Tribute to Females of the Future

The rapper's video has girls of all shapes and sizes rocking wild outfits, doing cheeky dance moves—and shaking their jiggly bits with confidence.

So, while doing our usual morning round of professional research on the internet – a.k.a. binge-scrolling through meme accounts on Instagram and reading snarky articles on Vice – we came across this music video for a track by Queens-based rapper GETOVERHER. Within the first few seconds, our minds were pretty much blown by the onslaught of IDGAF flurry of popping graphics, wiiiiild styling and kiss-my-butt attitude exhibited by dancing ladies. Set against a wacky and totally danceable hip hop track, you see gymnastic routines, jiggly body parts, armpit hair and fun lil’ dance moves. As the video progresses, you feel as if  the video’s creators went out to celebrate rad girls embodying ‘the future is female’ mentality—and that’s exactly what this is about. New Yorkers and directorial partners behind the video, Jenna Josepher and Ege Soyuer, are known for making cheeky, surreal and energetically feminist eye candy (just check out their Instagram accounts here and here for evidence.) Plus, this video was produced with nearly an all-female crew—with everyone working both in front of and behind the camera.

So grab some nail polish, don’t shave your armpits and sing along to Hoop Nose Ring—quite possibly the most cheekily charming video/song combination we’ve seen in a while.