Get Your Eyes On the ‘Company’ Music Video

The transcendent track features fire vocals from Danish singer and songwriter Soleima, and the accompanying visual is a creepy cyber experience.

Photo by Morten Rygaard

Guys, get ready for your next less-than-three-minute song addiction. (Is it just me, or are artists putting out delicious two-minute snaps left and right these days?). This time, Scandinavian electro-pop up-and-comer Soleima teamed up with writer and producer friend Baauer to turn out a simple yet compelling single. The accompanying visual is a mesmerizing combination of colors and opposing themes of human closeness and the simultaneous distance between all of us.

The track starts with a crisp introduction to a summery yet somehow sombre tune. Baauer’s minimalistic production lets the core message of the song speak to a gently melancholic desire for connection and attraction in spite of apparent separation. The music video highlights a similar dichotomy of closeness and separation or “real” and “fake” through the humanness of easily recognizable art pieces throughout as well as powerful imagery from a traditional Tarot deck, contrasted with robotic simulations of intimacy. It’s all perfectly tied together through Soleima’s magical light and airy vocals. Seeing is believing y’all.


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