Get Your Body Moving With Copenhagen Girls Gathering

Copenhagen Girls Gathering is a weekend-long parkour event, for those who like to get active and throw their body around in a concrete jungle.

Photography by Andy Day

Parkour, or street movement, is an innovative way to get active and agile with a dynamic problem-solving mindset. Luckily, for the eighth consecutive year, those in the Copenhagen area can join in and get in the groove with Copenhagen Girls Gathering, from June 7th to 9th. This awesome program is a perfect example of a challenging and fun way to get yourself moving. CGG is an inventive parkour camp, where you can learn to vault, hop, skip and jump around the city, getting a sweat going while connecting with awesome women along the way. The three-day event consists of different workshops in and around the city of Copenhagen where different implementations of street movement concepts will be applied at varying skill levels.

No previous experience is necessary to participate; it’s a “come as you are” type-situation and the end product is new knowledge, a mind-body workout and good vibes to bring it all together. Besides training during the course, one broader focus is the communal energy and getting to know all the participants together. The individual sessions will be announced gradually closer to the event, but visit their website for a preliminary program and keep an eye on updates via the CGG Facebook page. 

Watch the behind the scenes video on Copenhagen Girls Gathering below to gain some insight into the welcoming atmosphere of the program itself and the motivation behind the women-focused event. The overarching brand being Street Movement, a non-gendered parkour company, their aim was to fill the demand for an  output geared specifically toward women who want to move. In the words of one of the founders Martin Kallesøe:

If some women feel safer, more welcome or just more interested in a females-only event, that is a good reason for us to create them. I have been coaching in many of the CGG events over the years and I don’t prepare differently than with mixed events. But as we have seen many complete beginners preferring this event as their first real exposure, we do try to make it very beginner-friendly. At the same time, we know there are some really strong and skilled women taking part that we also want to challenge. With a non-competitive event like CGG, that is actually possible – everyone can enjoy the same obstacles and create different moves on them. Learning side by side with a skilled practitioner is a strong and motivating experience – you will feel much more included and inspired like that.

CGG is great way to get in touch with your body and flex your muscles – literally and figuratively – with a creative mindset. Feel free to get yourself signed up here, join in the fun and catch some pointers from the last Copenhagen Girls Gathering!



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