Get Your Ears on Be Charlotte, the Scottish Sensation Flipping Pop, Rap and Rock Upside Down

This rapping, beatboxing 19-year-old is a genre-crossing sensation.


Hark, the future of pop, rap and rock has arrived in an anthemic whirlwind of musical innovation to wake your most rebellious self. Be Charlotte combines rapping, beatboxing, punchy lyrics, spot-on vocals and a rock ‘n roll attitude in a perfect cacophony of chaos with her latest single, “One Drop.” In an unexpected turn, the track embodies the edginess of Azealia Banks and the pomp and colorful quirk of Brooklyn garage band tUnEyArDs.

“One Drop” is basically a mic-drop encapsulated in a song. This bombastic track blasts out a message of self-realization and unabashed existence. Where her previous singles, “Machines That Breathe” and “Drawing Windows”, embody a lighter and decidedly indie tone, “One Drop” exposes a stronger, more rebellious genre-crossing repertoire. “One Drop” pulses with a steady rhythm that creates a sort of cohesion through seemingly incongruent elements in the song: powerfully spoken lyrics, quirky beatboxing, light and feathery vocalizations, classic indie rock guitar and a bold Scottish accent.

The track, which was released late last month, preceded a wide-reaching continental tour, landing nineteen-year-old Charlotte Brimner and her two bandmates far from her hometown of Dundee, Scotland. Even more than musical innovation, Be Charlotte feels like a movement. Beyond the raw kinetic energy in her music which dares to physically move you, her sometimes outlandish manipulation of sound and crossing of boundaries encourages a type of rebelliousness that lights revolutions. This is exactly the kind of spirit we need to embody as we traipse into our bold collective future; to remain decidedly unorthodox and push boundaries in a world that begs us to obediently exist.



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